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    The first natural liquid BIOTIN (B7) formula that is infused directly into the hair shaft.

    Available in 1000ml & 300ml

    BIOTIN B7 is essential for your hair health and strength.

    This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.


    Our research team was able to convert the BIOTIN, also known as Vitamin “B7” into very small molecules that can be easily absorbed into hair follicles during the treatment.

    BIOTIN B7 is essential for your hair health and strength. This formula is also combined with natural proteins, plant-based Keratin, Amino acids & Collagens. Resulting in frizz free, volume reduction, to help soften and straighten, while deeply restoring damaged hair. It is anew magnificent formula for healthy, naturally, strong hair.

    Key Results:

    • Eliminate Frizz & reduce volume
    • Restructure & repair damaged hair
    • Strengthen hair & reduce hair loss
    • Create natural shine & softness
    • Perfect for curly / unruly hair textures

    Result lasting up to 6 months

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    1000ml, 300ml


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